Our mission is to improve human life by building the best living spaces on earth, & beyond.

Kitchen design

Dedicated to wellness

CEO Justin Kathan, a 3rd generation builder and the founder of Joist, envisioned constructing a home with soul. One that honors the balance of nature and habitat by utilizing the greatest materials sourced from across the globe.

RA, named after the Egyptian sun god and giver of life, warmth and growth, was born with the intention of building the most beautiful living spaces on earth. With the perfect blend of natural elements and large poetic pieces of glass, each architectural design inspires a therapeutic sense of joy, wonderment and discovery in one’s home. Living in a RA Home offers an extraordinary experience and an elevated lifestyle, unlike no other.

The best homes on earth

Woven through each project, is an attention to detail that constructs a seamless service. RA offers clients the ability to build a new luxury home in the exact neighborhood they want to live in. Clients are able to either build on their own land, build on one of our RA locations, or have our team search for their desired location - ultimately making the home buyer’s journey simple and seamless.

Our success lives in our ability to build a family of best minded individuals around the globe, from development to tech, to innovate in every aspect of design, software and construction. This obsession with excellence, along with the vivacity on our team gives the sense of challenge to be the best. Each home is built with a deep love and respect for the astonishing gifts of the natural world. Our tech-driven product and responsive ethos is empowered by our core commitment to our clients and the resolve to make anything possible.

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