A single app to control your home

Every RA home is integrated with an app that enables you to control and monitor everything in your home - lights, appliances, scent, music, HVAC, door locks, and much more.

Safety and Security

Your safety and security is the first and foremost priority for us. Monitor the status of sensors in each room 24x7 and get alerted when things don't seem normal. The app is also integrated with round-the-clock surveillance cameras.

App screens
App screens

Monitor and track

Plan ahead by tracking your energy, water, and other vital consumptions. The app displays accurate consumption metrics on a daily basis so that you can analyze your consumption habit over time.

App screens

Control everything

Be it temperature, humidity, scent, lights, outlets, or appliances, the app controls it all. You can also use predefined presets or create custom ones to change the mood of the room with a single tap.

App screens
App screens

Comfort and entertainment

Play your favorite morning Jazz in your bedroom or dance to the rhythm of hip-hop beats in the living room, through the app-linked entertainment system.

And tons of other

Remote door lock/unlock

Outlet control

Billing and payment

Appliance control

Room scent

Parking monitor


Integration with health trackers