We don’t build homes.
We build Sanctuaries.

RA is not a developer. It’s a dream builder.

We know our buyer because we are our buyer. We are a collective of like minded creatives searching for sanctuary, unable to find it. We’ve lived in the tiny lifeless boxes in big cities, and in sprawling McMansions in the countryside. Everywhere we’ve lived has lacked what we seek; soul. We attracted one another to form RA and build more than home - build sanctuaries.

Who we are

Named after the Egyptian sun god and giver of life, warmth and growth, RA was born to improve human life for all by building the best living spaces on earth, and beyond. We are focused on emerging technologies that enhance the home buying experience. We seek to level the playing field, offering a world of customization possibilities for our buyers while reducing time to market, and enhancing precision and quality in the homes we build.

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Our mission is to improve human life by building the best living spaces on earth and beyond.



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RA home builder

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RA’ s Custom Home Design Portal affords today’s homebuyers the benefits of a custom-designed home, with a fraction of the hassle, time, energy and cost. With RA’s Custom Home Design Portal, homebuyers can…

Explore an array of possibilities for your RA sanctuary from our library of expertly-crafted floor plans and permit-ready designs

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