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By using future-focused technologies, we offer our buyers a living environment defined by holistic wellness and community-centered living.

Who we are

Named after the Egyptian sun god and giver of life, warmth and growth, RA was born to improve human life for all by building the best living spaces on earth, and beyond. We are focused on emerging technologies that enhance the home buying experience. We seek to level the playing field, offering a world of customization possibilities for our buyers while reducing time to market, and enhancing precision and quality in the homes we build.

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Our mission is to improve human life by building the best living spaces on earth and beyond.



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Dedicated to wellness

We merge best-in-market, cutting edge technologies to deliver solutions that protect and enhance your well being within your RA sanctuary home. Utilizing advanced modalities for air purification, water filtration, dynamic lighting, and smart-home connectivity, we offer today’s homebuyer a wide array of options for holistic, evidence-based enhancements that promise increased vitality, preservation of health, and reduction of potential threats to whole living. Each RA sanctuary can be customized* with an array of wellness features meant to enhance almost every aspect of your life, from mood and energy levels to productivity and quality of sleep. Tailoring your own wellness ecosystem within your RA Sanctuary home is easy and we’ve identified a few areas that can transform your living space into a wellness respite to call your sanctuary.


Your air

Option selections that efficiently target and reduce the concentration of particulate matter, volatile organic compounds, cooking odors and toxins, allergens and pathogens, ensuring your home is free and clear of common air-borne irritants


Your water

Whole home and small space water filtration systems that effectively filter organic, inorganic and biological waste materials, ensuring the water you use for drinking, cooking and bathing is free of pollutants, heavy metals and public water additives that harm health.


Your mood

Lighting elements, programming, and hardware options that respond to outdoor lighting conditions, maximizing natural light and minimizing glare. Lighting features that boast intuitive, automated programming, ensuring optimal lighting conditions, energy efficiency and thermal comfort at all times.


Your smart tech

A smart system designed by our in-house team of software technologists crafted to offer each homeowner complete control over their built environment. The power is in your hands to automate security, sound, smell, lighting, temperature and much more.

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