About RA Homes

Our mission is to improve human life by building the best living spaces on earth, & beyond.

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Dedicated to wellness

Our founder Justin Kathan envisioned building homes with soul for all of humanity. This desire was born from first-hand realization. By utilizing technology, innovation, and robotics, Justin believed he could set RA apart from other developers by changing the way homes are built and bought. By constructing higher quality homes, in half the time, and at half the cost, RA seeks to eradicate inhumane living by offering human beings affordable homes, with soul. To make this vision a reality, Justin sold his company, Joist, and poured himself into founding RA. Named after the Egyptian sun god and giver of life, warmth and growth, RA was born to improve human life for all by building the best living spaces on earth, and beyond.

Get to know our talented construction team

JT Bhabra

Director, Construction & Business Development

Zach Fischer

Director, Construction & Site Management

Max Asavadejkajorn

Director of Product & Development

Hatem Hussein

Head, Development & Revenue


More about RA

RA Homes, a luxury builder since 1991 specializes in custom luxury homes and renovations throughout Ontario As proud members of HCRA Tarrion, BILD (Renomark) and the Ontario Builders Association, our team is made up of second and third generation builders known for elite workmanship. Defined by an unwavering commitment to quality, our builders have a trusted reputation when it comes to luxury homes and turnkey services. And while our team is known for residential development, they are also known globally for building some of the most stunning structures in the modern day:

The world’s tallest skyscraper | Museum of the Future - Dubai | Gucci commercial stores | Apple commercial stores | The UAE Presidential Camp | The Soho House in Austin | And many more.

JT Bhabra

JT has been working in the home construction industry since 1991 and is a current member of BILD (Renomark) and the Ontario Home Builders Association. Before joining the RA team, JT founded TruBuild, an award winning custom home development firm. He is also a real estate professional with an esteemed brokerage allowing him to best assist our customers in choosing the right property to renovate and build on.

Old Orchard, Bedford Park, ON

Zach Fischer

Zach is a second generation builder and co-founder of Mezcon construction - a boutique Canadian builder known for luxury homes. Zach founded Mezcon with his brother, Ben, in 2016 and has grown the business more than 500% since inception. As a Tarion licensed builder with 50+ custom luxury builds completed, Ben has been featured on major media outlets from HGTV to Canada Build.

Single Family home

Max Asavadejkajorn

Max has more than a decade of experience in the construction industry and is well versed in managing multiple subcontractors, subconsultants, and self-performed trades. Before joining RA he has worked on projects ranging from single family homes, to large multifamily luxury high rises, and fast-tracked tenant improvements. This wide array of project experience allows him to effectively manage the construction process offering a seamless experience to our clients.

Soho house - Austin

Hatem Hussein

With a passion for futuristic technologies and trend setting architecture, Hatem has spent his career designing some of the modern era’s most impressive structures. From the Museum of the Future, to the World’s first 3D printed commercial build, a seven star luxury resort and even a presidential palace - Hatem joined forces with RA to apply his deep love for crafting stunning spaces - to everyday living. He’s completed more than 40 projects globally - and developed an impressive 2 billion plus in construction projects

World's first 3D printed commercial building

The best homes on earth, built with the best products on earth

Woven through each project, is an attention to detail that constructs a seamless service. RA Homes offers clients the ability to build a new luxury home in the exact neighborhood they want to live in. Clients are able to either build on their own land, build on one of our RA locations, or have our team search for their desired location - ultimately making the home buyer’s journey simple and seamless.

Our success lives in our ability to build a family of best minded individuals around the globe, from development to tech, to innovate in every aspect of design, software and construction. This obsession with excellence, along with the vivacity on our team gives the sense of challenge to be the best. Each home is built with a deep love and respect for the astonishing gifts of the natural world. Our tech-driven product and responsive ethos is empowered by our core commitment to our clients and the resolve to make anything possible.

Hand-selected with your needs in mind, RA Homes believes in providing nothing but the best for our clients. Every home encompasses the highest-quality brand-name products in the industry. We partner with high-end manufacturers and leverage our international purchasing power to bring greater value to your home. Our internal design team will work with you to create the story of your home.