Built with the finest materials on earth

We have an in-house team that curates the finest materials from across the globe to build each RA home. Click through our product tour to get to know each product we use.

Imported glass

Thermally-glazed, dual pane, energy efficient glass used for windows and doors is matched by no other on the market. Because of this energy efficiency it’s ideal for cold and mixed climates.

Natural wood siding

Stunning natural wood siding in three options. All three offer the aesthetic feature of elegant rich wood grain, reliable durability and trusted longevity through harsh winters.

Natural stone finishes

The finest natural materials from across the globe such as quartz, marble, and granite. You’ll find these luxury touches used throughout each home, from the countertops, to the sink basins, soaking tubs and more.


Natural woods native to North America to add warmth and richness to each room. These natural woods are not only durable, but stunningly high quality.

Interior finishes

Interior finishes come in three mesmerizing themes - Evergreen, Graphite and Sandbank. All three of these schemes utilize the highest quality materials on the market.

Fixtures and hardware

Steel from the North, Copper from the East, and Iron from the South - we look to suppliers from across the globe to craft our fixtures, knobs, pulls and fasteners.

Smart tech

Each RÀ home will be integrated with an app that enables you to control and monitor everything in your home - lights, appliances, scent, music, HVAC, door locks, and much more.

Fiber cement

Fiber cement siding panels with concealed fasteners are durable, fire-resistant and long-lasting with a low-maintenance smooth finish material to preserve the integrity of the home through all weather.

ACM Panels

ACM cladding panels with concealed fasteners are made from pure aluminum. Offering the cutting edge design a RA Home is known for, while maintaining the durability, dependability and longevity expected in the highest quality of home.